Rapid ejaculation treatment

Dapoxetine is the official and the only compound developed specifically for increasing the duration of shortened sex case and delaying the sperm emission. This sex drug requires prescription from your sex therapist, that is why desiring to advance the quality of your sexual daily life and to prolong every sex case you must visit a doctor before you buy Dapoxetine.

Many patients feel awkward to visit a doctor and to tell such an intimate problem to a strange person. Moreover patients feel uneasy to ask question about this intimate condition and the risks for the quality of further sexual life. In this review we list all bothersome questions about early sperm emission and the treatment as Dapoxetine online.

What you need to know before you buy Dapoxetine?

Many patients buy Dapoxetine online and take the drug as they want without careful reading the instructions. As Dapoxetine online is available without prescription then many male patient neglect even visiting a doctor. Such an attitude provokes poor efficacy of the drug and disappointment.

Will Dapoxetine ensure a desired length of sexual intercourse?

No. Dapoxetine works be releasing serotonin levels and increasing its effect on certain cells provoking ejaculation delay. However Dapoxetine ensures only natural length of every sex case and helps only in cases with early emission disorders. To understand how cheap Dapoxetine works you need to know what is real rapid ejaculation.

There is no absolutely exact measurement of duration of sex case in minutes or seconds which is considered to be a norm. Commonly an average sex lasts about 2 minutes. Early semen emission is diagnosed in cases a male patient ejaculates before penetration or right after penetration.

Forward ejaculation is also diagnosed in cases when an average individual duration of sex case gets decreased twofold.

Fast sperm emission is considered as a possible diagnosis when a sex case lasts not enough for satisfaction of a partner.

Dapoxetine online studies have shown that the drug helps to recover a normal duration of a sex case which a patient has experienced before facing the problem of rapid sperm emission. If you experience a normal duration of sex case and you just want to prolong the duration, then cheap Dapoxetine will will work poorly for you.

How does Dapoxetine work?

Dapoxetine also marketed as Priligy prevents serotonin absorption by neural cells thus delaying the orgasm and emission of semen. Cheap Dapoxetine does not advance the erection, does not affect the hardness of penile tissues and their ability to get saturated with blood and keep erection. If you experience problems with erection, the you will need another drug as Cialis or Viagra. In some patients both problems weak erection and rapid semen emission appear together. For such patients there are combinations of drugs ensuring proper erection and normal duration of a sex case.

How to take Dapoxetine?

Cheap Dapoxetine uk is not a drug which is taken on a certain schedule. The drug is taken an hour prior to a planned sex case. If a sex case is unplanned, then take a pill of Dapoxetine as soon as possible and try to delay penetration and to control your sexual excitement. The drug is fast absorbed into the blood and reaches brain cells to affect the duration of sex case. The efficacy of drug does not depend on meals. You can take it with or without foods.

Is Dapoxetine right for me?

Before you buy cheap Dapoxetine you should understand whether the drug will work for you or not. Please, make sure you analyze all the factors and triggers which may affect the quality and duration of sex in your case. Please, answer the next questions to diagnose your condition (be honest with yourself):

1. Is rapid ejaculation an occasional condition or it happens regularly?

2. Is the duration of sex case enough to satisfy your partner?

3. Do you experience some unpleasant feelings during sex which can affect the duration of sex case?

4. Do you have regular sex? What is a normal frequency of sex for you?

5. Do you experience some physical or mental stress when fast sperm emission happens?

These questions will help you to find out whether cheap Dapoxetine is right for you and will help you in your individual case to prolong sex case. Clinical trials have shown that in some patients Dapoxetine advances the duration of sex up to three times.

Is Dapoxetine without prescription safe for me?

Dapoxetine without prescription is a safe and effective way to prolong the duration of sex cases. The drug performs certain side effects, however they become evident only in case of severe exceeding a dosage. Dapoxetine online is available in dosages of 30mg and 60mg pills. If you buy Dapoxetine online cheap and without prescription, then we recommend buying a box of pills of 30mg. It is not recommended to split a pill. If you buy Dapoxetine online Canada in dosage of 30mg then you will start with the lowest dosage and will be able to correctly increase your dosage. But if you start with a dosage of 60mg, then you will not be able to correctly reduce the dosage as it is not recommended to divide a pill in any possible way.

Where to buy Dapoxetine online (Australia and other countries)?

There are many online stores offering to buy Dapoxetine online cheap or to buy Aczone. However to minimize risks for your health it is not recommended to get the drugs from unknown sources. That is why we recommend to buy Dapoxetine only from authorized online markets approved by the drug manufacturer or from reputable resellers. Please check:

drug dosage – original Dapoxetine is produced only in two dosages, if you are offered cheap Dapoxetine in dosages different from 30mg or 60mg, then it is a fake drug.

drug price – though Dapoxetine online is cheaper than in offline stores, still its price can not be twice as low as in offline stores.

drug composition – Dapoxetine does not contain any herbal add-ons. If you are offered advanced Dapoxetine which effect is added with herbs or vitamins, then it is a faked drug.