Clomid — usage, patients’ reviews, side effects and precautions

Clomid is a female fertility drug that is used to stimulate ovaries to produce viable cells. Learn about risks and benefits of administration of Clomid and how to buy Clomid safely.

Clomid is a brand name of Clomiphene Citrate which is administered to women for treatment of cases of unexplained infertility. Another name of the active ingredient of the medicine is Serophene. Initially the drug was developed and studied for treatment of cases of anovulation in female patients as the drug has performed excellent results in women who naturally do not produce egg cells which after release (ovulation) can be fertilized. It is a common condition in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. In most cases such patients are recommended to buy Clomid and to start controlled treatment.

Later on Clomid was included into treatment schemes of unexplained infertility in women to induce production of more cells. Moreover, tests and studies of female patients have proved that eggs which are stimulated with this medication are more viable and more able to get fertilized. Clomid, which is also known under another brand name – Fertomid online is administered to women with the aim to induce production of more eggs during a single menstrual cycle to increase chances for impregnation. However such an approach to stimulation of ovulation commonly results in multiple pregnancy.

Many desperate women are eager to try ovulation stimulation and consider Clomid purchase online or offline (mind that the drug is not available without prescription in offline drug stores). But Clomid is a drug seriously affecting hormonal balance and ovaries. Before a start of stimulation a patient must know how Clomid works and how Clomiphene citrate affects the body. Moreover you must know what are the risks of taking Fertomid without medical control and what are possible consequences of uncontrolled treatment.

Proper Clomid intake in the stimulation protocol

For the drug to work Clomid must be taken in certain days of menstrual cycle. The overall condition of uterus must be satisfactory, otherwise additional treatment must be prescribed to induce other tissues (endometrium, in particular) to be ready for a stimulated pregnancy.

1. Before a start of stimulation with Clomid, a woman must pass ultra sound investigation of ovaries, tubes and uterus during the first three days of menstrual cycle. In addition, a woman must take blood tests to measure the levels of hormones in the body. This is a necessary condition to avoid hyper-stimulation of ovaries. In combination the results of these tests will inform the scheme of simulation with Clomid.

2. If the condition of uterus is normal or satisfactory (the key factor is absence of new formations in uterus), a patient is recommended to buy Clomid and start taking the drug in certain dosages from the third to the seventh day of the menstrual cycle. Some women can be prescribed to start taking the drug from the fifth to ninth day of the cycle.

Your doctor ONLY will decide when to start and stop taking stimulation pills.

3. The first day of the cycle is considered to be the first day of the menstrual bleeding.

4. During stimulating the ovaries with Clomid a condition of a patient must be monitored by the health care provider to track the response of the ovaries. In most cases a women passes another ultra sound investigation. Key parameters to be studied:

 number of follicles which are ready for release and their size


 size of ovaries

 the condition of tubes (whether there are any inflammatory processes as hydrosalpinx)

Estimating the results of ultrasound a doctor can predict when an ovulation is possible (predicted considering the size of follicles) and how many eggs will be ready to be released. Moreover your doctor will advise you when sexual intercourses are needed.

Some women will get an ovulation inducing injection. This is an injection of a specific hormone which stimulates the ovaries to release cells. Clomid only stimulates egg cells to grow while this injection stimulates the release. That is why Clomid purchase and intake is not recommended without medical supervision.

Can I buy Clomid on my own at online pharmacy and try stimulation without prescription

Clomid is not available without prescription in any of offline drug stores. However you can find Clomid online or buy Fertomid (the same drug but under another brand name) and follow the instructions provided with the drug box. In most cases women are required to pass ultra sound investigation. However if you do not have a chance to visit a medical center then you can use a home kit for checking ovulation progress. These are strip tests that check the level of a specific hormone in the urine. By making such tests at home you will see whether the stimulation is successful and will find out a perfect moment for a sexual intercourse as the ovulation test will be positive in 12-24 hours before the ovulation (egg cell release) will happen. Mind that sperm cells also need to pass the uterus and to get into tubes to be ready to meed an egg cell and to fertilize it.

Home ovulation tests indicate the surge of the LH hormone, which commonly happens 12-36 hours before ovulation. However you must read the results of home tests correctly. These tests are commonly positive. This means they always display two lines. But the positive test answer is when a test line is brighter than a control one. The optimum period to have a sexual intercourse is within 12 hours after a positive home ovulation test.

You can get home ovulation tests when you buy Fertomid online to save on bulk order.

How my menstrual cycle will change with Clomiphene?

Commonly a healthy woman has a cycle of 28-30 days with ovulation happening on the 14th day of the cycle. However with Clomid the ovulation can happen a couple of days earlier or later. That is why a menstrual cycle can turn a few days shorter or longer. This is considered to be a norm. A menstrual cycle without Clomid turns normal. It is recommended to buy Fertomid online with ovulation and pregnancy tests together. As a delay of menstrual cycle can be indicative of pregnancy or of Clomid stimulation. To know for sure you can make a home pregnancy test starting from the 28th day of the stimulated cycle if a menstrual bleeding does not begin.

Mind that if you experience abnormal length of menstrual cycles, then commonly your ovulation will happen 14 days prior to the next menstrual bleeding date. In women with unpredicted menstrual cycle length Clomid is recommended to be started normally on the 5th day of the cycle and the ovulation must be induced on the eve of the 14th day of the cycle.

Fertomid online official website recommends to accurately plan sexual intercourses in order not to miss the ovulation. Within a normal menstrual cycle length it is recommended to have sex once in two days starting from the 12th to 16th day of the cycle. In patients with abnormal or unpredicted menstrual cycle, it is recommended to have sex once in two days starting right after the end of menstrual bleeding.

How to induce chances for impregnation with Clomiphene?

In patients with abnormal or unpredicted menstrual cycle or with a long history of infertility it is recommended to combine Clomiphene stimulation with artificial insemination. A woman is recommended to buy Clomiphene and the procedure of artificial insemination (IUI). Studies show a considerable increase in success with such a combination.

Clomiphene online studies show that:

 1,3% of female patients get pregnant taking placebo pills

 3,8% of female patients get pregnant with only insemination and no ovulation stimulation

 5,6% of female patients get pregnant with Clomid or Clomiphene or Fertomide in combination with a sexual intercourse

 8,3% of female patients get pregnant with Clomid and artificial insemination

 17,9% of female patients get pregnant with Clomid, ovulation inducing injections and artificial insemination

As you see the highest chances for successful impregnation is with Clomid and other inductions.

If your doctor does not offer you stimulation, please, ask about a possibility to buy Clomiphene online and to try inducing ovulation in combination with artificial insemination.

How many menstrual cycles can be stimulated with Clomiphene?

Clomid can not be taken constantly as it badly affects a female body and causes the effect of hyper-stimulation. Constant stimulations exhaust ovarian reserve of follicles. There are no effective studies of the maximum safely possible stimulations in healthy women with natural healthy ovulation. However there are certain factors which must be taken into account:

1. The age of a female patient – the older the patient is the fewer stimulations she can take.

2. Clomid is not recommended to be used in female patients after 40 years old as the fertility potential is extremely low at this age and there are more effective ways of impregnation in this case.

3. If the stimulation of ovulation with Clomid (in case of healthy ovaries and healthy sperm cells) does not result in impregnation within three menstrual cycles, then other ways of impregnation must be tried.

How much does the stimulation with Clomid cost?

The cost of the stimulation depends on numerous factors. A patient must be ready for the next expenses:

 proper lab and ultra sound tests and investigation

 Clomid purchase

 ovulation stimulation injections

 ovulation and pregnancy tests

· post-ovulation investigation to avoid hyperstimulation of ovaries and to check the response of the ovaries

Other factors that should be considered are:

 whether the sexual intercourse will be natural or a patient will get insemination

 whether sperm test will be passed

The lowest cost of ovulation stimulation is 10USD and the maximum cost can reach up to 1000USD considering the additional investigations.

To save a patient can choose buy Clomiphene online, to opt for generic clomiphene citrate and not for the brand medicines which are more expensive but the same quality and efficacy. To reduce costs for ovulation stimulation even more, please, follow the next tips:

· pass all necessary tests in advance, this will reduce costs for the month of stimulation – commonly hormonal balance is even from cycle to cycle unless a woman experiences diseases, stress (mental of physical) or exhaustion

· pass sperm test in advance

· buy Fertomid online in advance for at least thee cycles of stimulation – please, visit your health care provider and ask about your one time dosage which will depend on your individual condition. Thus you will know how many pills you will need for a single stimulation cycle and for three cycles in advance

How to reduce health risks with Clomiphene (Clomid)

Never take stimulating pills to induce ovulation or endometrium or hormone release in your body without your doctor knowing.

Pass all necessary tests in advance to know your condition for sure.

Do not exceed one time dosage and take Clomiphene as it is indicated by your health care provider, do not change your dosage following the instruction provided online or with the drug box. Medication guide describes only general cases of administration. Always consult your doctor whether you experience side effects or you do not feel any changes in your body.

Follow strictly the schedule of intake, do not start taking Fertomid earlier or later then it is prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise the follicles will not grow or will over-grow and will not be able to be released. Remember, that you have only three attempts to get successful impregnation with stimulation.

Do not forget about two major risks of ovaries stimulation:

 hyper-stimulation of ovaries and exhaustion of ovarian reserve – this can lead to complete infertility due to absence of eggs.

 multiple pregnancy – during stimulation the ovaries normally maturate and release several viable egg cells which are able to get fertilized.

If you buy Clomiphene online and want to start stimulation of ovaries to induce your chances for

pregnancy, then follow the next recommendations:

 visit a doctor and warn your gynecologist about your desire to get stimulated

 get individual recommendations on intake and necessary investigations

 warn your partner about being stimulated during this menstrual cycle and about the ultimate necessity of sexual intercourses at necessary moments – in stimulated cycles your partner and you must avoid alcohol, certain medications, extreme physical exhaustion and overheating.